Enabling Innovative Mobility

Serving communities along the expressway

Petaling Jaya Dispersal Link is designed as a dispersal route that helps ease traffic congestion while providing options for public transit commuters. More than that, it is also designed to enable new first-mile/last-mile routes for private vehicles and public transit services. Throughout its alignment, there are multiple ramps and connection hubs to existing public transit points. These include 7 bus routes and 7 train transit stations (MRT, LRT and KTM), and also 5 park-and-ride facilities.

A new concept in mobility

Petaling Jaya Dispersal Link will support a new type of public transit service that is affordable, on demand and fully digitised in nature. This service comprises a number of catchment areas where commuters can access and enjoy first-mile/last-mile access along the alignment of the expressway. This way, commuters can choose what works best for them as they have a variety of options to complete their journeys as quickly as possible.

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