Only what's better for Petaling Jaya and its people

Written by: Rajiv Rishyakaran / October 21, 2020


This afternoon, we had a briefing from PJ Dispersal Link (PJD-LINK) on their proposal to build a highway from Bandar Utama to Puchong. I had earlier said that I will keep the public updated on this matter as things happen.

There was a previous proposal called Kidex 6 years ago which many PJ residents will remember. The new proposer has different shareholders and directors, a same start and finishing point of the highway but with some propose alignment changes in the middle.

The plans from the proposer are rather preliminary, which a couple of alignments being considered. The propose ramps are also not finalized. The traffic impact study is not completed yet, and this would be a key factor in evaluating the approval of the highway when the time comes.

Based on the presentation, my colleagues and I have given feedback and raised the concerns that PJ residents have towards such a project.

I welcome PJD-Link's invitation to brief any group who is interested, as per the letter that has circulated in the last couple of weeks. I also urge PJ residents to take up this offer and engage PJD Link in a dialogue to ensure that both sides are aware of each other's concerns.

I know there are many who object to a new highway, and others in PJ who also want it as a solution to the traffic woes that we face at certain choke points.

We must be and will be professional in evaluating this proposal. I stand by the decision Selangor and MBPJ made regarding Kidex back then. And as we did then, we will also be professional in evaluating this one.

Only what's better for Petaling Jaya and its people.

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